Monday, April 18, 2011


I just recently discovered blogging!  I am so happy that I did!  My whole teaching world has changed because of it!  I was really big on searching the internet for teaching sites, when I stumbled upon the blogging world. What can I say......I am hooked!  I find blogging so much more personal and I love that!  I would like to begin posting some of the units that my class does each month.  Eventually, I would like to share worksheets and such as I learn more about blogging and how to add the worksheets.  I love creating new things in my classroom.  I absolutely love DJ inkers clip art (I am an addict when it comes to DJinkers) and creating things using this cute clipart.  Everyone has such creative names for their blogs and I couldn't decide on a name for mine.  I am a huge teddy bear collector and creator (Yes....I make teddy bears, and love that too). So i decided to combine both of my passions into the name for my blog......Kindergarten Teddies. 

Thank you for stopping by, check back often as I hope to add more on a regular basis.

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